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Ads for your TikTok Shop

Selling on TikTok has become popular and is extremely effective. Using ads to promote your videos and products can help you to drive traffic and sales to the next level. In this post we are going through the necessary steps to get your ads up and running.

Let's get right into it and create a new Campaign as 1st step. As shop owner you see the option Shop purchases:

1. Campaign



2. Ad group

In the 2nd step we are going to create a new Ad group which is defining:

  • Settings
  • Shop settings
  • Placements
  • Targeting (audience)
  • Budget & Schedule
  • Bidding & Optimization



Bidding & Optimization

In the last step for creating the Ad group define your ultimate goal:

  • Click
  • Initiate checkout
  • Complete payment (our conversion goal)

TikTok will perform ad displays based on your goals. 



3. Ad content


The 3rd and final step is the ad itself:

Give your ad a name, for example "Apple Core Remover":


Next, select the product or group of products you want to link to your ad. We are selecting the Apple Core Remover from our product catalog.

Let's get to the content: select the creative (video in MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI or GIF) that you want to show your audience.


The video editor allows you to cut, trim and refine add music, stickers and labels in your video:




Let's have a look at the campaigns and their performance:


You can see a clear difference in the performance between them:

  • There is two versions of the Apple Core Remover which are both more or less the same ROI
  • The Automatic Stirer is performing worst with 7 Clicks at a total ad spent of 15.55 GBP which results in a relatively high CPC (cost-per-click) rate of 2.22 GBP
  • The Can Organizer is performing best with a low CPC rate of 0.48 GBP and one conversion



How far do we get with 100 GBP?


Let's give it a try with 100 bugs and see how far we get:


100 GBP around the Black Friday weekend led to 11,379 ad impressions, 162 clicks and 1 conversion (product purchase).

When we stopped the bad performing ads and started to focus on the Can Organizer only, we went with a CPC rate of 0.48 GBP and a price of 68.74 GBP for the conversion. Considering a price of 21 GBP that doesn't pay off.

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